Adultery and Religion

In today’s society, the concept of adultery seems pretty cut and dried. It is generally defined as engaging in sexual behavior outside of one’s marriage. The majority of Americans also include romantic overtures that do not culminate in sex—the so-called “emotional affair.” Yet adultery has been defined in many ways throughout history. Many, though not… Read more »

Science Goes To The Movies- CUNY TV

    The City University of New York has a great cable channel in New York (CUNY), and today, August 21st, The New York Times featured a CUNY program with Helen Fisher as one to watch: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fatal Attraction, and Last Tango in Paris. From CUNY TV’s website: First aired: August 21,… Read more »

One-Night Stands and Friends with Benefits

Helen Fisher, our co-founder, has written an article for Nautilus about romance and romantic love. You can read all of it here.  She thinks dating behavior is changing, and that it is probably better for marriages. For singles in the USA, she sees a new long pre-commitment stage before marriage. Marriage is still desirable!  The article… Read more »

What Does Love Mean?

The Definition of Love Love is arguably the most powerful emotion, driving mothers to superhuman feats of strength to save their children, and teenagers to defy all logic and reason in order to be together. But it is also one of the most difficult emotions to explain. What it means to love someone has been… Read more »

Endless Euphoria

There is a new perfume by Calvin Klein called “Endless Euphoria.” What a concept—endless euphoria. I saw an ad for the perfume on a piece of paper that dropped out of a newspaper and I had to open the little door they have on those perfume ads and sniff it. The same ad included “Euphoria… Read more »