3D Brain Tour

Welcome to a 3D tour of the brain structures related to romantic love - and romantic rejection, too. 

When you play the video, be sure to click on the little arrows to the bottom right of the video window to make it full-screen.

Eternal thanks to our Kickstarter backers who made this video possible!

We wanted to make the anatomy of romantic love beautiful. We wanted to make it fun and understandable.

You may have to stop the video and go back, or replay it a couple of times to remember exactly where the ventral tegmental area is, or where you can find the hypothalamus, but we have fun going back over it and marveling at the shapes and relative sizes of the brain nuclei, so we hope you do, too.

After you have played this video, explore our interactive 3D model of the brain and the regions we talk about in the video by clicking the link below.

Launch the Interactive Brain Model