How does novelty rekindle love?

The rush of passion that occurs in the earliest stages of a relationship is triggered by very real biochemical changes in the brain. Powerful neurotransmitters such as dopamine send a surge of energy, excitement, and euphoria that helps you feel intensely bonded to your new love.

Over time, however, the rush fades for most people. The honeymoon period crashes to a halt, and the relationship changes. Bonds of intimacy and commitment take over, and the relationship feels more comfortable. The passion can also fade away, and people would like to keep the passion going.

Novelty triggers the same areas of the brain as the early stages of romance, causing a rush of neurotransmitters. Sharing a new, adrenaline-producing activity with your long-term partner helps to jump start those feelings of passion that you thought were gone. In tandem with the deeper bonds that have developed over time, that rush of brain chemicals can be just what you need to rekindle a feeling of romantic love as well as companionate love.

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