The 5 Stages of Courtship

stages of courtship Have you ever met someone to whom you felt immediately drawn? Chances are, without even realizing it was happening, you slipped into an unconscious, new yet oddly familiar social dance with that person. Although every couple and every situation is different, science shows that we all follow the same basic patterns when showing and receiving… Read more »

The Dinner Date

The Dinner Date - The Anatomy of Love Assuming that the initial courtship ritual is successful, potential lovers will likely move on to the next step, the dinner date. Food has been a major element in romance since the dawn of human existence. At one time, men needed to demonstrate that they were avid hunters and providers in order to attract a mate…. Read more »

Falling in Love

Falling in Love Romantic love is as ancient as time itself, and it has long been considered the province of philosophers and poets. After all, it causes waves of euphoria and torment that seem to come crashing down at the slightest provocation, defying all reason or logic. It tends to manifest just at the moment we aren’t looking… Read more »