Birth of your first child- CBS This Morning

  Helen appeared on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose to comment on a new study with surprising results: it concludes that the birth of a first child leads to depression more often than happiness!  Helen has some interesting thoughts about why this finding might be true. Click here to watch (From August 12, 2015) Will birth… Read more »

Travel: Love is Everywhere- Helen on the Pamir Highway

Today, Lucy got an email message from Helen, quoted below.  Helen has been away for over two weeks traveling on a vacation to Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and more– all those countries north of India and near Afghanistan.  She went into the Pamir mountains on the Pamir Highway, which is exotic, but very rustic and even dangerous.  Lucy was afraid… Read more »

3 Ways to Move on After a Divorce

move on after a divorce A divorce is a massive psychological and emotional blow for anyone. No matter how difficult your marriage had become, whether or not you initiated the divorce process, it is normal to feel devastated. The person you expected to be your lifelong partner is gone, and your trust is shattered. You may feel isolated and alone,… Read more »

Can Romance Become A Long-term Love for You?

Falling in lust is easy. A biochemical, hormonal response to someone you feel drawn to, attraction is a powerful evolutionary drive. Intense passion, putting the other person on a pedestal, spending all of your time together…many people interpret these feelings and actions as love– and they are! It may just be early-stage, short-term love, though…. Read more »

Will You Ever Find Love?

Will you ever find love The quest for romantic love is as old as the human race. In fact, some experts believe it is even older, as certain animals also exhibit strong bonding behaviors and even monogamy. Yet the irony of love is that the harder you look for it, the less likely you are to actually find it. While… Read more »

Is Monogamy Natural?

Searching for a life-long mate is an age-old quest. Monogamy may have been an early evolutionary adaptation, since those who lived in family units were in a better position to survive and multiply under harsh primitive conditions. Yet most people didn’t live that long, and “serial monogamy,” or a series of monogamous relationships, was the… Read more »

How to Find True Love

Girl Happy show white T-Shirt with Text (I love) The quest for romantic love is one of the most primitive and powerful urges we have. More than a simple feeling or emotion, love is what the ancient Greeks called “the madness of the Gods.” Today, we know it as both a natural addiction and a physiological drive like hunger or thirst. With so much… Read more »

Love and Cooking!

Michael P. Brenner, Glover Professor When we are in love, we often like to cook with each other.  We are creating something together, cooperating, engaging in an everyday-living task together.  Early in the relationship, it is part of getting to know each other, like our food preferences, and it brings us into each others’ homes.  The quiet anticipation of eating something… Read more »

One-Night Stands and Friends with Benefits

Helen Fisher, our co-founder, has written an article for Nautilus about romance and romantic love. You can read all of it here.  She thinks dating behavior is changing, and that it is probably better for marriages. For singles in the USA, she sees a new long pre-commitment stage before marriage. Marriage is still desirable!  The article… Read more »

What Does Love Mean?

The Definition of Love Love is arguably the most powerful emotion, driving mothers to superhuman feats of strength to save their children, and teenagers to defy all logic and reason in order to be together. But it is also one of the most difficult emotions to explain. What it means to love someone has been… Read more »

20 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might be overly commercialized, but it remains an important time for couples to celebrate their love. Whether you are newly dating or have been married for years, the holiday is a great opportunity to reconnect and recharge your relationship’s batteries. Yet too many couples just go through the motions, grabbing something meaningless at… Read more »

How to Deal with Heartbreak in 5 Easy Steps

Having your heart broken can make you feel hopelessly isolated and alone. After all, the person you always trusted to support you no matter what is now gone, and you have no idea where to turn. The pain can feel unbearable at times, but taking proactive steps can help you cope. While nothing will help… Read more »

Are Office Romances A Bad Idea?

Do you know that it is not uncommon to have a work wife or husband? Someone at work who you interact with all the time and feel close to? Although these relationships are platonic, romances in the office clearly are not. And, people often fall in love and find their future spouse at work. We… Read more »

5 Signs You’re in Love With the Right Person

A Guest Blog from Lisa Fritscher at Main Street ROI, who is divorced, and thus knows a thing or two or five about love relationships! Despite what the movies and TV specials would have you believe, love is messy and complicated. People annoy each other, argue, and do incredibly dumb things. It’s just part of… Read more »

Recovery from Heartbreak

This beautiful young woman was heartbroken two years ago.  There is a big lesson to learn from her experience.  Her name is Alley Scott.  She’s an actress and she is in a documentary about heartbreak called “Sleepless in New York” by Swiss director Christian Frei.  Frei caught her in the throes of heartbreak two years ago…. Read more »

Esther Perel

We are great fans of Esther Perel, who wrote the book Mating in Captivity.  Here is the text of a recent newsletter she sent.  It announces a workshop, but also gives a good outline of things to think about if you are in a relationship. The workshop is called “Reclaim Curiosity, Connection & Passion” “Over the… Read more »

Endless Euphoria

There is a new perfume by Calvin Klein called “Endless Euphoria.” What a concept—endless euphoria. I saw an ad for the perfume on a piece of paper that dropped out of a newspaper and I had to open the little door they have on those perfume ads and sniff it. The same ad included “Euphoria… Read more »

Is Love An Addiction?

Loading the video player … In this video Helen Fisher and other experts, including therapists, talk about love as an addiction. The video was made at   Love is intoxicating!  It may be one of the first natural and necessary addictions we have, like for food and water.  Love may be a survival mechanism, which… Read more »

Doomed For More Divorce?

Loading the video player … In this video Helen Fisher and other experts, including therapists, talk about the future of close relationships.  Will marriage and dating be the same in 30 years?  We are probably NOT doomed for more divorce.  The video was made at   The host is Melanie Gorman, MA ( The Experts are:… Read more »

Love Forever?

Loading the video player …   In this video Helen Fisher and other experts, including therapists, talk about long-term love. The video was made at Some people are able to keep early-stage “romance” going.  About 15-30% of people married more than 10 years say nothing has changed about their romantic feelings since the first few weeks.  Others need… Read more »

Marriages Fail And Some Survive

Loading the video player …   In this video Helen Fisher and other experts, including therapists, try to answer the question, “Why do some marriages fail, and others survive?”  The video was made at   There are tools to use in a relationship– not just a marriage– that are important for making it satisfying to both… Read more »

Sexy And Fun

Loading the video player …   In this video Helen Fisher and other experts, including therapists, talk about sex in a relationship, and how important it is just to touch someone.   The host is Melanie Gorman, MA ( The Experts are: Helen Fisher, PhD Biological Anthropologist (, and this website) Mary Ellen Goggin, Relationship Retreat… Read more »