Post-Scan Interview

Dia-after-scannerBWhat were the participants really thinking while they were in the scanner?

Helen conducted a post scan interview with each participant moments after she removed them from the scanner.

What specific events did they think about as they gazed at the photo of their beloved?  What were their thoughts as they peered at the Familiar Neutral?   Was it hard to count backwards when the large number appeared on the screen?  Helen asked them to describe their thoughts and feelings under all three conditions.

She also asked each subject to list five words that particularly described their feelings while gazing at the partner, looking at the Familiar Neutral, and counting backwards.

Euphoria, happiness, warmth, excitement, tingling, yearning, comfort: participants reported a host of positive feelings as they mused about their romantic partner.   Moreover, they recounted boring incidences when thinking of the Familiar Neutral.  And no one enjoyed the count-back task.   These vivid recollections suggested that each participant had followed the instructions.