Esther Perel

We are great fans of Esther Perel, who wrote the book Mating in Captivity.  Here is the text of a recent newsletter she sent.  It announces a workshop, but also gives a good outline of things to think about if you are in a relationship.

The workshop is called "Reclaim Curiosity, Connection & Passion"

"Over the years, I've watched social trends walk in and out of my door. More than 30,000 hours of therapy experience with couples have made me acutely aware of the major challenges we face in our intimate relationships.

"My mission is to bring a psychological intelligence to the topic of personal and professional relationships and to probe the intricacies of love and desire in modern romance. I am exploring new ways to elevate the conversation about sexuality -- starting with weekly newsletters, a diverse Fall speaking calendar and my second online workshop (starts October 8, 2014).

"This October, join me for a four-week online workshop to reclaim your curiosity, connection & passion. I will guide you in probing four relational elements, each of which holds a key to major changes in your intimate and sexual lives:

WEEK 1: Negotiate boundaries and explore the meaning of fidelity. 
WEEK 2: Cultivate eroticism in and out of the bedroom.
WEEK 3: Understand your power struggles (If he does X, then I will do Y) and how to stop them.
WEEK 4: Overcome hurt and breaches of trust and re-enter a conflict-ridden bed. 

"Learn how to have different conversations and develop creative responses to new challenges. I hope to see you there.

Esther Perel"

If you miss this workshop, you can see what else she is offering by going to her website