Is Monogamy Natural?

Searching for a life-long mate is an age-old quest. Monogamy may have been an early evolutionary adaptation, since those who lived in family units were in a better position to survive and multiply under harsh primitive conditions. Yet most people didn’t live that long, and “serial monogamy,” or a series of monogamous relationships, was the norm.

Today, we are returning to those roots. While approximately 90% of singles believe it’s possible for marriage to last forever, half also believe there is nothing wrong with getting out of a failing marriage. In fact, 50% feel that monogamy is not actually a natural state. And that might be right, for them.

According to brain research, the “monogamy gene” is present in about 50% of the population. So it logically follows that for those who have the gene, monogamy is natural. For those who don’t, it isn’t. Of course, life is much simpler if you look for a partner whose genetic tendencies and beliefs match yours!

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Is monogamy natural