Love and Cooking!

When we are in love, we often like to cook with each other.  We are creating something together, cooperating, engaging in an everyday-living task together.  Early in the relationship, it is part of getting to know each other, like our food preferences, and it brings us into each others' homes.  The quiet anticipation of eating something delicious together is important, too.  Later in a relationship, it is also a creative act-- to do together.  It is companionship.  It can become like a dance together.  It's even a way to bring novelty into the long-term relationship by trying new recipes.  Plus, it's always good to learn together.

So we were delighted to see this free, online course offered by Harvard!  The science of cooking.  It's all part of our purpose to be a learning website.  Here is the link to an article in The Harvard Gazette, and here is the link to the course.